Oct 19, 2010

Girl's Visor Beanie

So I've learned in this blogging world that you just have to keep blogging. Imagine that, to be a successful blogger, keep blogging. Hmm. Deep. 
But seriously. I am often one of those people who thinks "why would anyone care about what I do??" (thank you catholic guilt) and in turn, I don't blog about things that someone somewhere may possibly find some point...for a few moments. :)
So I will keep blogging, even if it seems meaningless to me. After all, if the people on Jerseylicious have a following, someone MUST be interested in something I have to say!

In other news wouldn't you LOVE to see a little newborn girl in one of these?! It's way warmer than those hospital hats and looks way cuter to boot! Order your's today!!!!!

Newborn size with visor

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