Oct 22, 2010

Flowers Flowers Everywhere!

(to the tune of "Colors Colors Everywhere" by the ever popular Steve from Blues Clues)
Let's face it. I can't think of anything without it quickly reminding me that I have children and I am NOT cool anymore. I find myself constantly humming tunes from Dora, Mickey, and pretty much any disney movie. I wish I were at least serenading myself to Laurie Berkner, but I fear my kids think she is a fraud. Just a big weird mom trying to look cool for the kids. Sorry Ms. Berkner, your plan failed in my house, as my kids see right through the whole "just a big kid pretending to be hip and cool singing about dinosaurs and flying pretzels" cover, my kids already live with 2 dweebs. The Man and I seem to constantly be trying to convince our children we're not total dorks. We've failed too.
So, instead of fighting it, I'm embracing it. I mean really, it's not like I don't already sound like a 70 year old woman with the fact that I crochet. (Love you Grandma) So I've taken it one step further and I'm trying out fabric flowers. I have looked at SO many you tube videos, tutorials, online patterns and pictures and I can not seem to get a really neat looking flower that looks good on the side of a hat. My current order is for some very special women and I need 4 interchangeable flowers on each hat. So I attempted a few "test buds" (did you see what I did there?! ok, that was my last attempt at trying to be cool, I promise).
I need your help! Here's what I've come up with so far:
This is one that would be super easy to make, but I think it lacks personality.

Then there's this one, (keep in mind, these are scrap fabrics, too, final colors will be muted reds, greens, purples, and blacks)

I love the outrageousness of this one, but we run into a tiny problem when we realize it sticks out about a foot from your head!

So then I thought about some flare...
Someone said, "less pimp, more chic"

I like this one, kind of, I don't know.

Then theres old reliable. The crocheted flower. Mixed with the fabric, it's sort of nice. Those fabric petals need to be a teency bit smaller, and maybe there should be six. Cause it kind of looks like a clover.
Or just a "bud". Ugh, this is too difficult.

 Keep in mind that these are for adults too. So while it may look adorably cute to have a massive flower on a childs head, women usually aren't to keen on that.  I just really need a vote. Or ideas. Maybe I'm all flowered out. I need to "pick" your brains. Let your ideas "bloom" into reality. 
(I really need to stop. My kids are bound to read this someday.) 

Thank you!!

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