Apr 13, 2011


I {heart} this site. No really. The fact that this wonderful woman puts these tutorials up for all us other sewers for no charge is just amazing! There are a few other patterns on her sight that she does charge for so I know she's getting some of her hard work paid for.
Dana (I feel like I know her) has so many wonderful (and not to mention super easy to use) tutorials on kids clothing. Basic pants (which I've made here), dresses, sweaters, vests, t-shirts, UGH, just go check her out! She's amazing!

Here's a little about these pants.

My mom brought me this fabric a few months ago. Yes, that's a dachshund on skis wearing a coat and hat printed with cats, you're not hallucinating. She insisted that if anyone knew what to do with it, I did.

I didn't.

That's why it's been a few months.

THEN. It happened.

I finally had a thought.
I know, I love the gut, too.

I was getting my son dressed in the pants I made him from Dana's tutorial
a few weeks ago and thought That's it! Pajama Pants!

The dog fabric is a fleece lined polyester. Think Adidas track suit. From the seventies. In fact, when I was ironing, I could smell my grandmother's house.

Ok, so I used her tutorial, added a drawstring instead of elastic and, voila!

More Grant's pants!!!

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