Nov 2, 2010

Hats for a Cause

A friend of mine ordered some hats a couple weeks back. It was a hefty order, but I took the challenge. She needed 4 hats, all the same, with 4 interchangeable flowers each. As you know, I had a trying time coming up with what flower was best. I think I finally got it.
One of these hats is for her friend who just started chemotherapy. I don't know a lot about her, but I know she must be one amazing woman to fight this fight.
Here are the flowers I did. Each one will have an alligator backing so they can interchange, OR you can clip them to other things like purses, bags, sweaters, even dog collars!

Next up, an adorable cream hat for an adorable little sweet pea!


Sew Stella said...

LOVE EM!!! You did great! Once you got into the groove it all worked out!!!

Chelsea said...

Love them! I am a FELT addict. You should join my FELT party over at my blog,


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