Nov 17, 2010

Bread and Animal Hats!

You know what I love on a chilly fall day? Baking and crocheting...hence, homemade deeeeeeelicious banana bread

AND this new adorable monkey hat! This is a gift for Hannah's teacher who LOVES monkeys and is having a little boy in December! I'm kind of fond of monkeys myself, we call our youngest our little monkey, which proved very fitting today when he climbed out of his crib, but that a whole different story!  I hope she likes it!

In other news, I'm going to attempt setting up Etsy tomorrow. Setting up the shop, pictures, descriptions, getting it all linked with Facebook and the blog, so given the fact that I have three little ones, it should only take me about a month to get everything up and running! ;)
Stay Tuned!

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Wendy said...

Ok, so I love banana bread too... making some tomorrow actually ~ and monkeys :) My 2 year old is currently sleeping in new monkey pj's right now :) SUPER cute hat ~ if her teacher doesn't love it, she's crazy!!! :)

Abbey said...

Thanks Wendy! If she hates it, I'll send it your way! :) And my banana bread (yes both loaves) will most likely be consumed, by me, by tomorrow...mmmmm.


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