Sep 24, 2010

Baby Shower Sets

So I told you I went on Vacay, right? Well, apparently when you go 9 hours from home with 3 children in tow, your brain turns slightly to mush and you start deleting photos off your memory card to make room for more since your husband hasn't bought you a laptop yet and this could all have been avoided...ugh. I digress. I took pics of my last order right before I left for my trip. Great outdoor lighting, lovely pinks and oranges...oh they were simply splendid. And then, I deleted them. Accidentally, of course, but none the less, they're gone. Grrr. I could kick myself. I have asked my customer to pretty please take a picture and send it to me since I HAVE to show you what I whipped up, so hopefully it will arrive soon! Stay tuned...I hope.


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